Freshman/Transfer Mentoring Program

The goals for the FMP are to improve the chances for incoming freshmen in succeeding as a part of the college of engineering through offering a helping hand (aka mentor) to guide them through their first year and make sure their transition is as smooth as possible. This will be achieved though excelling their retention, academics and involvement among freshmen engineering students. The FMP aims to provide a nurturing environment for freshmen to develop the skills necessary to be contributing and successful members of the SDSU community, and to ease their transition into college life by building meaningful relationships with experienced peers.

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Diego State University College of Engineering Freshmen Mentoring Program (FMP) is to promote academic excellence, leadership, and student development throughout a student's undergraduate career.


Information for Mentors

Mentors should remember that they are not councilors, academic advisors, or members of the faculty or staff. Although freshmen students may approach mentors with a variety of questions, concerns, or seek advice, you are not expected to be able to solve all of the problems you may come across. You are always encouraged to be helpful and considerate, but if you come across questions or issues that you are unsure about, the best course of action is to recommend that your mentee contact a staff member of an appropriate university program or office.

Mentors should maintain regular contact with their mentees throughout both semesters and keep a logged record of the meetings with the mentees throughout the semester. Mentors must come in contact with the mentees on a minimum biweekly base. The meetings however may very depending on the mentor and mentee. They must however meet once at the beginning of the semester to discuss course selection and help plan goals; once or twice in the middle of the semester to discuss midterms and progress; and once near the end to discuss finals.

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Information for Mentees

Freshmen engineering students and recent transfers are encouraged to participate in this new program unique to the College of Engineering. Engineering can be a complex and challenging major for many students and wading through all of the course requirements and prerequisites can quickly become overwhelming. Senior engineering students have the benefit of hindsight and can readily point out challenging classes and tips to help underclassmen prepare for them. Participating freshmen will also benefit from a close network of student leaders who are involved all over campus in a variety of organizations and projects.

Freshmen and transfers eligible for the program are required simply to show up to meetings. In order for mentees to gain the maximum benefit from the program, it is important for that they participate fully and meet with their mentor on a regular basis. Therefore, mentee participation is considered mandatory.

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Outreach Chair/Mentoring Program Coordinator
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