SDSU Engineering Organization Directory

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Logo (Web Link) Acronymn Org Name Contact Name Email
logo 3D4E 3D Printing For Everyone Adam Michalak 3d4e.sdsu.president[AT]
logo AOE Alpha Omega Epsilon, Science & Engr. Sorority Kristen Snyder
logo AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics David Landfield david.landfield[AT]
logo ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers Andrew Coba asce.sdsu.president[AT]
logo ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers Sean Bennett sdsu.asme[AT]
logo AGC Associated General Contractors Craig de la Torre craigdelatorre[AT]
logo FSAE Aztec Racing Mariana Angel
logo BSAE Baja SAE Ana Morino
logo DBF Design Build Fly Zenas Del Rosario sdsu.dbf.2014[AT]
logo EWB Engineers Without Borders Regina Perez engineerswithoutborders.sdsu[AT]
logo IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Roy Cajusay ieeesdsumembership[AT]
logo NSBE National Society of Black Engineers Marqus Patton nsbesdsu.president[AT]
logo PASE Pacific Asian Society of Engineers Alven Eusantos pasesdsupresident[AT]
logo Rocket Project Ben Beckwith bbeckwith07[AT]
logo SPD Sigma Phi Delta sigmaphideltasdsu[AT]
logo SHPE Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Arturo Sotomayor
logo SWE Society of Women Engineers Jessica Brown swesdsupresident[AT]
logo TBP Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society Corinne Allen[AT]